InstaForex broker offers its customers to order a prepaid bank card InstaForex MasterCard. It is associated with the account in a foreign bank (South America) and can be used as a universal method of money withdrawal from InstaForex trading account anywhere in the world. All operations with the prepaid card are totally confidential, no information is provided to a tax or regulatory authority of any country.
With the help of InstaForex MasterCard, you can withdraw funds from your InstaForex trading account within 24 hours.
So using the debit card by InstaForex and MasterCard, you get a straight access to cash funds on your trading account. With InstaForex MasterCard, Forex accounts have never been easier to manage.
You can order an InstaForex MasterCard in Client Cabinet.
One InstaForex MasterCard can be used for different trading accounts registered in your name.
Note: Withdrawal of funds to InstaForex MasterCard without restrictions and additional commissions is only possible from the actively traded account. Otherwise, a 2-5% commission may be charged for every withdrawal.
InstaForex MasterCard is useful because:
- It allows withdrawing money from several trading accounts opened in the card holder's name;
- It allows replenishing a trading account without commission;
- You can check its balance in the Internet and top it up on the Payoneer website;
- You can use it in over 200 countries all over the world;
- It performs all MasterCard functions enabling you to pay for goods and services online;
- It has unlimited total allowed balance and daily withdrawal and online payment limit of $ 5,000 dollars;
- You pay only $1 maintenance fee per month and $3 dollars commission for cashing in ATM;
- The Choice Bank emitting the card guarantees anonymity and confidentiality of the information;
- You can order it in Client Cabinet on the official InstaForex website.

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